Business Orientation

Optic fiber communication and wireless communication solutions provider.


Core value

People oriented, sincere service, mutual benefit and win-win, co-creating value.



Thorough thoughts go far, lead towards brightness!


Corporation vision

To be the world top-ranking provider of optical device products and service.



Make customers achieve benefits and constantly create maximization value for customers.


Product field

Focus on R&D and production of passive and active network integration optical device.


Innovation ability

Pursue perfection of core optical device.


Environmental protection idea

Keep on working to construct low carbon society.


R&D idea

To provide competitive individual products for global customers.


Human resource

Performance reward, career achieving and culture management.


Management idea

Management procedure establishment, constantly training, authorization and initiative inspiration.


Working policy

Decision:Drawing on the wisdom of the masses and seeking common points while reserving difference
Implementation:Consistence and don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
Inspection:Charged by specially-assigned person and system assessment.
Adjustment:Index re-building to form regulations.
Team:To build study-type strength organization with international view