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  Sichuan Siemax Technology Co, Ltd.
  (In February, 2017,)
  Job vacancy:financial manager
  Job category:Full-time
  Work experience:5-10years
  Lowest education background:bachelor degree
  Recruiting number:1
  Position statement:
  ◆According to the medium-long-term business plans, organize and prepare annual overall financial plan and control standard, establish and improve financial management system, carry out overall control to the daily management, yearly budget, capital operating, etc. of the financial department;
  ◆Direct the compiling works of financial statement and financial budget& final account to provide timely and effective financial analysis for the company and ensure the normal disclosure of the financial information, effectively supervise and check the implementation of financial system and budget, and make proper and timely adjustment;
  ◆Carry out overall planning and management to the company taxes and complete tax declaration and annual audit work on time;
  ◆Precisely monitor and precast cash flow relatively, determine and supervise the company liability and reasonable structure of capital, comprehensively control and manage company capital, and carry out effective risk control;
  ◆Give suggestions and decision support to major investment, financing, merge and other business activities, involve in the risk assessment, guidance, tracking and control, establish and keep good relationship with finance, tax administration, bank, security and other relevant government sector, accounting firm and other relevant intermediate body;
  ◆Report the specific company state of operation, operating result, financial revenues and plan for higher authority, provide financial analysis to senior executives of the group, and give beneficial suggestions.
  · Jon requirements:
  ◆Possess comprehensive finance specialized knowledge, accounting processing and financial management experience;
  ◆Skillful at legal norms of state finance and tax law, possess excellent professional judgment ability and rich experience in finance and accounting analysis and processing;
  ◆Good at capital operation, possess the practical experience in securities financing and mergers &acquisition and overall investment and financing scheme design ability, and possess multiple successful investment and financing experience;
  ◆Familiar with international and domestic accounting standards and relevant finance, tax, audit laws and regulations, polices;
  ◆Familiar with financial regulations of the company listed in domestic and overseas market, engaged in the specific implementation of merger, recombination, listing and other related projects;
  ◆Good Chinese and English oral and written presentation skills.
  ◆More than 5 years of experience in industrial enterprise financial manager.
  2、Job vacancy:manager of international export sales
  Monthly pay:discuss personally
  · Workplace:Mianyang
  · Job category:full-time
  · Work experience:3-5years
  · Lowest education background:bachelor degree
  · Recruiting number:3
  · Position category:sales manager
  ·Position statement:
  ◆Take charge of assessing annual market demands and preparing marketing plan, and leading staff to work and make regular assessment;
  ◆Draw up sales strategy and business plan, take charge of business affairs negotiation, contract and agreement signing with various dealers;
  ◆Maintain the current market business and expand new market business for project management;
  ◆See through clearly and precast the risk of marketing channels and timely propose improving opinions for approval;
  ◆Prepare annual and quarterly expense budget, control actual annual and quarterly expenses and prepare report;
  ◆Prepare yearly, quarterly and monthly sales report and returned money rep
  ◆Collect and manage customer information, user opinions and market information, feedback user opinions and market information to corresponding department;
  ◆According to the content and implementation of sales contract and agreement, collect loans timely;
  ◆Cooperate with marketing department to carry out propagandizing and popularizing activities of the brand and company image, take part in various product shows;
  ◆Write annual sales conclusion and positively propose improving measures to the unqualified conditions;
  ◆Improve other tasks issued by marketing director.
  ·Job requirements:
  ◆Bachelor degree or above, English, Russian or Japanese related major,
  ◆Above 2 years related experience in export sales;
  ◆Familiar with structure and functions of optical communication device, equipment and system, know specific production flow;
  ◆Know project equipment and wiring principle, possess good language and communication ability;
  ◆Skillful at operating and applying office software and office automation equipment.
  3、Job vacancy:general worker and inspector
  ·Recruiting number:80
  ·Job requirements:junior high school above, male or female, age: 18-40 years old, enjoy good health, capable of adapting night shift.
  ·Salary and treatment:scheduled service for 5 days per week, 8h/day, work overtime at ordinary times: 11.89Yuan/h, work overtime on the weekend: 15.86 Yuan/h, actual alary of general worker: 2000-4500 Yuan/month.
  ·Work environment and logistics welfare:
  (1)Dust-free air-conditioning workshop, accommodation for free, meal supplement in workday: 10 Yuan/d.
  (2)Night duty allowance: 10 Yuan/d
  (3)Five-insurance and paid holiday are conducted in accordance with national regulations.
  (4)Recreational and sports activities are held occasionally, real-time and free training is offered for the whole staff.