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Provincial platform contract project push the inspection team to the company to see the project forward

Date:2016-12-13 17:19:19

December 8th, to promote the provincial platform projects signed inspection team leader of the second group, the Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau deputy director Dai Shaoquan to view the company contracted projects and promote the implementation of the provincial platform. Mianyang municipal government deputy mayor Han Shengjian, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, municipal investment promotion bureau Deng Hui, Youxian Economic Development Zone Party committee secretary Cai Shunli accompanied.
Dai Shaoquan has a view of the ceramic ferrule and optical splitter production line, listen to the company responsible for the implementation of reports on the situation of the project, the project landed, the construction and development of fully affirmed, and encourage enterprises to further integrate the related projects, the scale of development, to promote the project to do bigger and stronger.




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