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Sichuan Simai Technology Co., 2016 annual summary commendation conference and the 2017 annual meeting held in spring

Date:2017-1-19 17:18:04

The afternoon of January 13th, Mianyang fule International School multi-purpose hall decorated, warm, filled with a warm festive atmosphere, Sichuan science and Technology Co., 2016 annual meeting, summary and the 2017 annual meeting held in spring here.

   Mr. Chen Chunguang, chairman of the company, delivered a glowing speech. He said, kaigegaozou speech, full of pride and enthusiasm to greet the new year. Looking back at the past, with a foothold in Mianyang has been a full 4 years, experienced twists and turns, has not easily won success. The company's development has been at all levels of government departments and leaders of the cordial care, received the support of all circles of the community and help, but also won the dedication and dedication of all staff. Here, on behalf of the board of directors and the management team, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the leaders, the community and all the staff who have long cared for and supported us, and I pay high tribute to you!

Time and tide wait for no man, God helps those who help themselves. In 2016, we have gone through an extraordinary year, 2016, is the best smile people working hard, and create a brilliant year. Staff to overcome difficulties, in the domestic and international economic situation is still downward, the development of the real economy difficult, products of reduced orders, cash back slowly under such circumstances, the smile people remains optimistic spirit, fearless, show a strong momentum of development, has made remarkable achievements. We have improved the product process, improve product quality, reduce production cost, improve the assessment and management measures, adjust the internal system, the integration of high-quality resources, expand the market, occupy the new market. 2016, the annual sales revenue of 120 million yuan. The achievement obtains, condenses all staff's wisdom and the sweat. Here, on behalf of the board of directors, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your work!

New year's new atmosphere, new features. 2017 is also a crucial year of rapid development, science and technology, we are full of confidence, the favorable industry is the foundation of our development. In 2017, our company, have to show a new style, the realization of the new act, and make solid progress in the development of the road crossing. 2017's operating goal is to achieve annual sales revenue of 150 million yuan, strive for more than 200 million yuan, to achieve annual profit of more than 20 million yuan.

I hope all the staff of the new year, new year's height, from the thought to improve some height from working people's mentality slowly transformed into the spirit of company ownership mentality, establish long-term and small target companies struggle together, first put themselves responsible for work do the most good, strive for perfection, strive for progress, strive for growth and get the maximum return on the company's development process, I sincerely hope that we can grow with the company, a lot of income.

   Deep thinking, far away, towards brilliant! In the new year, we hope that all the cadres and employees of the company will always be grateful for the hearts and minds of the community, make great efforts to make progress and forge ahead with the future, with a stronger sense of dedication and sense of responsibility, and forge ahead towards our stated goal!


Ms. Sun Weining, general manager of the company, read out the recognition of advanced workers and excellent management cadres
After summing up the commendation conference, the 2017 annual meeting of the Spring Festival was held, and the staff of various departments performed a variety of Arts and programs.






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