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Sichuan simein science and technology co., LTD. Is awarded the certificate of "national high-tech enterprise"

Date:2017-2-17 15:14:18

In December 2016, science and technology department of sichuan province, sichuan provincial departments, the state administration of taxation and local taxation bureau of sichuan province, sichuan province approval granted to sichuan ismail technology co., LTD. Certificate of "national hi-tech enterprise".


Company declare a high and new technology enterprise, is in full support and the chairman of the company, under the guidance of specific by the project department, engineering quality department, finance department, personnel administration department and other departments should vigorously cooperate with over half of time to finish this. Through the project implementation, the company's development of science and technology project declaration team, perfect the company product research and technology programs, files, scientific research and technology project management for the company set up the template, in order to further increase the overall level of science and technology innovation to lay a solid foundation.


The result of the certificate marks the recognition of the company's research and development capabilities, and its products meet national industrial policy support. We will continue to revolve around our r&d geared to the needs of the market, the principle of science and technology services market, further improve the ability of independent innovation, and further enhance the company's brand image, increasing r&d input, improve the ability of technological innovation, improve service levels, give full play to the advantages of high and new technology enterprise and exemplary role, to help customers improve quality, create lasting product competitiveness, and to promote sound and rapid development to create new and better conditions.


The thought is deep, the journey to glory! We are dedicated to the development, production and sales of high-tech products. We will strive for excellence and create new brilliance.

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