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Sichuan smi technology co., LTD. Is awarded the honorary title of "excellent science and technology type smes" in mianyang city

Date:2017-3-22 15:13:30

On March 21, 2017, mianyang science and technology innovation conference held ceremoniously, ismail, sichuan science and technology co., LTD., is honoured, was named "outstanding small and mid-sized enterprise", mianyang city, party secretary yu-xing peng, deputy director of provincial department of Jacky and led to the chairman Mr Chen Chunguang medal.

Sichuan ismail technology co., LTD. Has a relatively high technology innovation team, engineering laboratory has 5 technology leader and r&d platform full-time r&d personnel 33 people, technical support service and management personnel 10 people, with senior title of 8 people accounted for 24%, with bachelor degree or above accounted for 91%. With southwest university of science and technology, chengdu information engineering university, South Korea, the two optical communications research and development company, kunshan sheng light communication technology co., LTD., and other university research institutions and enterprises established close relations of cooperation. Through mutual benefit and win-win to win more production, the establishment of cooperation mechanism between the company and the relevant universities and research institutes to establish a stable, healthy and effective transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the whole society technical innovation resources optimization configuration of the channel.


Ismail technology research and development platform has been set up for many years, has obtained many achievements of science and technology research and development, through the national recognition of hi-tech enterprises, national authorized more than 20 invention and utility model patents. We invested more than 4 million RMB in r&d in 2016, and developed more than 10 new technologies and technologies. By introducing, digesting, absorbing and reproducing new technologies, the company has mastered the production technology of v-groov and chip. Planar waveguide optical fiber array technology; The plane waveguide optical divider coupling and encapsulation technology. Have formed from product design, technical argumentation, reliability test, special equipment research, development of new materials, mass production and cost control integration development route, the preparation technology of the preparation of PLC optical branching products level has reached the leading level.

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